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About Us

John Wood is a project born between the cooperation of two friends, with the concept idea of leaving their "mark" in the shoe industry. 

" In honor to our family and the history of our city, which sustained almos all generations with jobs in the footwear industry, we decided to create our own brand John Wood. John Wood was founded thinking of the Millennials, while never forgeting about the past.

All our shoes are made with two variables:

1st - The past and the classical styles assembled with ancestrial lasts;

2nd - Keeping the tradition on our construction;

The same construction that our grandfathers were making almost one century ago. Which means, using top cutters, shoe Hole Punches, hammers, pinches, knifes, and other cobbler tools.

These  two variables will combine what the fashion is nowadays and  the materials evolution with the ancestrial craft of shoe making. Ultimately , our company strives to  balance between our two main variables, the fashion, target market , and provide to the Millennials a piece of our past. "

Sérgio and Hugo | Company Owners