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Productions in Private Label

Glamourcountry was founded in 2012 as a quality control company and later, in 2015, we create our own production unit, specializing in men’s and women's mid-high to luxury quality footwear, to fill the need of producing high quality shoes in Private Label in small quantities. Currently we produce about 150 pairs per day, since a high heel stilleto until a fashion men sneaker.

Glamourcountry is represented by the expertise of our team. Our production team were selected, one by one, from the best factories operating in Portugal and the same people who were on the basis of one of the best Portuguese brands - our brand "Cohibas".

While not forgetting the fundamental factor, which is the quality vs price relation, Glamourcountry it's unique in the communication with its clients. A daily update it's a difference that in our industry is difficult to find.

Glamourcountry ofers a full service, since the initial idea that we develop in a physical product (prototype) until the bulk production receive at your warehouse, we are present in all phases.

Connecting the Know-How with strict proceeds of Quality Control, its our daily mission achieve a product with elegance and the recognition of our art of handmade. Our internal quality control it's done in all production phases, since the design until the packaging, following very straigh lines which become our company as a dedicate producer for high market segments.

The Private Label has become the main focus of Glamourcountry, with more than 90% of its production to clients in more than 20 countries.

Our shoe factory provide a finest handmade private label, featuring your logo and your designs & specifications, in three main fashion areas: luxury, sustainable and/or Vegan. 

We provide to all clients no "minimum order quantity".


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